Tips From Semalt On How To Filter Out Darodar Referrals From Your Website

Running a website can be very exciting as it offers you an excellent opportunity to grow your online business. It also gives you a chance to create new opportunities in your business field. Unfortunately, some spammers will try to ruin your online businesses for no reason. Max Bell, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, explains that these cybercriminals work as much as they can to create obstacles for website users and referral spammers are no exception. They are among the online fraudsters who create an online mess, and if you are not keen enough, they could destroy all your plans. If you check your Google analytics account and realize that there are numerous referrals from websites that are unknown to your server, there is a possibility that darodar referral is targeting your site and you need to take quick measures to block it.

Determining the spam traffic

To be able to protect your website form these bots, you have to identify them first. The false traffics are fake referrals which originate from your domain site and try to hide the original usernames. The referrals are misleading, and if you fail to notice them on time, they could cause massive losses. After identifying them, you can then come up with strategies to block them. Some of the best ways to block darodar referral include:

Using Google Analytics filters

Create filters in your Google analytics account which will help you improve the value of your traffic. This will help you eliminate the unwanted referrals, and you are only left with what you need. You will have unique codes which you will insert in your Google analytics account thus preventing the spammers from reaching your website, and you can retrieve them to their site. Google analytics filters offer you numerous ways to block the darodar traffic referrals, but the main disadvantage of this method is that it cannot be used in many sites simultaneously.

Block their IP address

Blocking the darodar referral's IP address is easy. This will make sure that the spammers are denied access to your website which makes it hard for them to send the unknown references.

Save the exclusion list

Ensure that you have saved your Google analytics exclusion list. This will make sure that you can start enjoying your website operation in peace. Google will provide you with a list of things to exclude and block the IP address. The easiest way is to put a plug-in on your website to ensure that it is safe and protected.

Presence of referral spam can be a big challenge considering the range of day-to-day e-commerce activities. You have to ensure that your website is always running smoothly to maximize your productivity, but these bots will not let you. It gets even worse when you are not aware of how to spot them and what you should do to block them. The mentioned tips above will help you keep your website free from those spammers, and you can easily filter them preventing them from visiting your domain website. Stay sharp and be on the lookout!

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